Wednesday, September 16, 2015

How to get rid of rice insects/ How to prevent rice bugs/ How to keep rice from bugs

Most of my blog visitors ask me for kitchen and cooking tips apart from recipes. One of them sent me pictures of rice having some crawling creatures (known as rice weevil or Ghun in Hindi) and asked 'How to get rid of these insects/bugs in rice'. 

These insect/bug/rice weevil can appear in packed rice too and this is really not common as these bugs/insects lay eggs in the crops. These can be undetectable to naked eyes. When the crop is harvested, the eggs end up in packages. So today, I am going to share  my grandmother's and mother's tips to get rid of rice weevil. We all know Mother has remedies and cures for almost every thing an d I'm sure you would agree on this.. :)
Rice weevil in rice

Tips to get rid of rice insects/bugs:

  • Its always better to inspect all rice grains upon purchase. Discard rice if you see any insect/bug.
  • Always store rice grains in tightly sealed metal, glass or plastic containers. Store rice in air-tight container as soon as they get home.
  • Make sure the container you are going to use to store rice is perfectly dry as humidity attracts bugs.
  • If rice gets infected by insects keep rice in sun light for a few hours to get rid of rice insects.
  • You can put ginger in rice container to get rid of rice bugs.
  • You can keep garlic flakes in rice container, this will keep insects away.
  • Keep whole turmeric piece in rice container or you can mix turmeric powder with rice. As keeping turmeric in rice container also keeps insects/rice weevils or bugs away from rice. 
  • You can add dry crushed Neem leaves in rice to keep insects away.
Always wash rice properly before cooking.
Do share in comments if you have any tips. :)

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