Wednesday, September 2, 2015

How to store green chillies in refrigerator

Store green chilly in refrigerator

What if you have a lot of chillies with you and you can't utilize them in one go? I know you really want to make sure that they don't go bad. So, today we will learn a very simple tip to store green chillies to make them last long. 

Green Chillies


  • First of all wash all chillies.
  • Pat dry with a kitchen towel/ paper towel.
  • Now pull out the stems from chillies very gently without using knife or any tool.
  • Discard stems and any spoiled looking chilly.
  • Store these chillies in an air tight container in refrigerator. 
Tadaa you are sorted.. :) I hope this tip will help. Happy cooking :) :)

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