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Dear foodies and homecooks !

Namaste !

My name is Kusum Sharma and I'm a Freelance Web Developer and owner of http://www.kusumskitchen.com. I hold masters degree in Computer Science.

My love for cooking developed at a very tender age of 9-10. I used to help my grandmother and mother in the kitchen and have learned all basic cooking from them. I used to watch all the cookery shows on TV while my siblings were busy watching cartoon films in childhood days...:p

Master Chef Sanjeev Kapoor's tv shows have always inspired me to try new recipes. I started experimenting with variety of recipes although not all of them came out to be really awesome. But my family has been so supportive. They always appreciate my cooking especially my father and brother.

This blog is just a small effort to share my recipes with all of you. My brother-in-law Ashish Sehgal inspired me to start this recipe blog. My dear mother also helps me in creating these lovely recipes.

And yes how can I forget to mention my sister's name..:p  She is married and I always receive phone calls from her asking for new recipes..:D

I hope you will enjoy and these recipes will help you in improving your cooking skills too.

Happy Cooking !
Kusum Sharma

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